JBAS’s Areas of Expertise

JBAS Consulting is able to offer a variety of services that are designed to enhance a business’s operations and provide insight to management on methods to improve efficiencies within their company or to add value in other ways deemed fit by our clients.

Some of these services include:

Management/Cost Accounting

Particularly relevant for manufacturing or other entities that involve significant variable costs, the implementation of an “ABC” (activity based costing) approach to attribute costs (such as labour) is used in more accurately calculating margins and expected profitability. This proves very valuable in assessing which product lines are profit or loss generating. It also provides significant benefit in the presentation of monthly budgets.

Capital Budgeting

A tool used to assess the future cash inflows and outflows of a particular project or division, this can be particularly useful for management in deciding on whether to open new divisions within a company or close an existing division. It can also be used to illustrate the best use of a company’s resources.

Derivative Financial Structures

Debt or equity structures that involve the use of underlying listed equity investments (provided there is sufficient liquidity relating to the underlying share), such structures can be used to garner reduced funding rates from financial institutions or as a means to reduce risk with existing asset positions.

Accounting Opinions & Structures

Creation of the most efficient accounting structures that minimise income statement volatility as well as opining on queries raised with respect to existing practices within a business.

Company Valuations

Use of Free cash flow or PE multiple models in order to provide valuations for a company or division thereof.

Financial Modelling

The creation of excel based models designed to improve the efficiencies of a company’s day to day operations.